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          1.   中文 | English
            Rayon manufacturers tell you what rayon fabrics are
              Company dye house has new type high temperature tube yarn and jet Hank dyeing machine, product quality reach dyeing technology in domestic and foreign advanced level. The annual output 3000 tons.
            ABOUT US
              Xinxiang xinfeng textile co., LTD is a company for many years for the masses of customers at home and abroad to provide high quality, many varieties of coloured yarn, the line companies.
            450D/90F rayon (Antibacterial)

            450D/90F rayon
            250D/50F rayon (Antibacterial)

            250D/50F rayon
            30/2 Viscose nylon blended  80/20

            30/2 Viscose ny
            24/2 Strong twisting hyperbolic

            24/2 Strong twi
            30S/2 Ramie cotton

            30S/2 Ramie cot
            Cotton acrylic yarn pot-bellied

            Cotton acrylic
            30S/2 rayon spinning color

            30S/2 rayon spi
            48/2 MAO nitrile

            48/2 MAO nitril
            24/2  Hyperbolic

            24/2 Hyperboli
            cotton nylon core spun yarn

            cotton nylon co
            Strong twisting hyperbolic (Rayon nylon )

            Strong twisting
            Centipede yarn

            Centipede yarn
            30S/2 high twist rayon

            30S/2 high twis
            32S/2 cotton yarn

            32S/2 cotton ya
            120D/2 extinction rayon

            120D/2 extincti
            120D/2 lustrous rayon

            120D/2 lustrous
            40S/2 rayon spinning color

            40S/2 rayon spi
            40/3 Modal cotton spinning color

            40/3 Modal cott
            40/3 Viscose acrylic color spinning

            40/3 Viscose ac
            50/2 Rayon nylon core spun yarn

            50/2 Rayon nylo
            250D/2 rayon

            250D/2 rayon
            60S/2 Long-staple cotton

            60S/2 Long-stap
            32S/2 Heavy twist cotton yarn

            32S/2 Heavy twi
            600D/2 rayon

            600D/2 rayon
            60S/2 rayon

            60S/2 rayon
            300D/2 High twist rayon

            300D/2 High twi
            Rayon Satin dyeing

            Rayon Satin dye
            300D/4 Lustrous rayon

            300D/4 Lustrous
            40s/2 rayon

            40s/2 rayon
            32S/2 rayon

            32S/2 rayon
            Xinxiang xinfeng textile co., LTD. All rights reserved address: the hengsheng family room 602, block B, care road
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